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Natural Resources Wales

The Wildlife Trusts in Wales and Natural Resources Wales (formerly the Countryside Council for Wales) have long aspired to the same aims of achieving a healthy and diverse environment where there are ample opportunities for people to enjoy it. We face huge environmental and economic challenges in these forthcoming years, and so the ability for our organisations to work together, share resources and innovate becomes even more vital

Together we are stronger

We know that collectively, we are stronger. By forging closer links between Natural Resources Wales and the Wildlife Trusts in Wales we can provide frameworks for working together. Our shared commitment to the environment itself underpins our vision, values, and practice.

We work together to create an environment rich in wildlife for Wales and its people, a Wilder Future. This partnership helps us all move towards a more sustainable way of living. Our joint working results in better outcomes than would be achieved if we worked separately. 

Keeping Wales wild during the pandemic

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