Keeping Wales wild thanks to Natural Resources Wales

Keeping Wales wild thanks to Natural Resources Wales

Lianne de Mello

2020 was an uncertain and difficult year for many. We reflect on a year of conservation in Wales and thank our supporters for helping keep Wales wild.

In March last year, it felt like the world stopped and in some ways it did.There were very little cars on the roads, shops closed and we were told to stay indoors except for our one daily walk. It is during this time that so many found solace in nature. Suddenly with the new, slower pace of life, nature was able to stand up and welcome us with open arms.

In Wales, the Wildlife Trusts manage over 200 nature reserves. From the coastal beauty of Anglesey to breath-taking hills in Brecon and little parcels of green in urban Newport. Chances are, you’re never very far from a Wildlife Trust nature reserve.

But with all this land, comes management. Wildlife Trust staff work tirelessly to manage these green havens for the benefit of nature and visitors alike. Staff like Chris Wynne, Senior Reserves Manager at North Wales Wildlife Trust can often be found arranging hedge laying, balsam bashing and doing anything else you can think of which may benefit a nature reserve and its wild residents.

Last year was a difficult year for many, including the Wildlife Trusts in Wales. With so much income generation dependant on tourism it is easy to see why many Wildlife Trust staff were furloughed for much of 2020. But nature will not manage itself. Thankfully, Natural Resources Wales offered a lifeline to the Welsh Trusts in the form of the Strategic Allocation Fund grant. Without this vital grant, essential nature reserve management would not have been possible, and Wales may have been a little less wild as a result.

This grant could not have come at a more vital time for the Wildlife Trust. At a time when so many are depending on nature for their wellbeing, access to green space has never been more important. However, this is also a time when nature needs us, just as much as we need it. Despite the pandemic, we continue to fight a climate and biodiversity crisis. This funding enabled us to continue our vital reserve management work, bringing us a little closer to securing a Wilder Future.
Chris Wynne, Senior Reserves Manager
North Wales Wildlife Trust

As we face another year of uncertainty, Wildlife Trusts across Wales continue to drive forward to protect and restore our precious green spaces. But without the help of organisations such as Natural Resources Wales and the generosity of our members, this essential work would not be possible.

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Andrew Hankinson