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Our objectives

Amy Lewis

To demonstrate how nature works

Our focus is to show how to restore the health of our ecosystems and provide the conditions for wildlife to recover. We already show how nature works on our own land; we inspire and support landowners to manage their land for nature and we play an advisory and advocacy role to demonstrate how the marine environment can be managed.

To inspire people and communities to value and take action for nature

Wildlife has always inspired people. Seeing red kites soar above a hillside, otters play on a riverbank, or discovering a beautiful orchid in a wildflower meadow, lifts our spirits and improves our wellbeing in a unique way. We believe everybody in Wales is entitled to these experiences wherever they live. We work to bring these experiences into peoples lives through our campaigns, projects and outreach work across Wales.

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To champion nature and our work

We must champion nature and our work through highly effective advocacy and partnership working.

To ensure the sustainable political and corporate change needed to secure nature’s recovery, we need to engage and mobilise those who share our vision, beliefs and values. We must strive not only to increase our influence with decision-makers and opinion-formers in industry and government and other key players in the natural environment, but to increase the value they place on our work.