Action for Insects

Action for Insects

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Our insects are in trouble

In the UK, our insect populations have suffered drastic declines, which are set to have far-reaching consequences for both wildlife and people. 

With a third of our food crops pollinated by insects, and as many as 87% of our plants pollinated by animals (and in the majority by insects) there is a lot to lose. Much of our wildlife, be it birds, bats, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals or fish, rely on insects for food. Without them, we risk the collapse of our natural world.

A report, Insect Declines and Why They Matter, published in November 2019 brought together evidence that showed the loss of 50% or more of our insects since 1970, and the shocking reality that 41% of the Earth's remaining five million insect species are now 'threatened with extinction'.


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