Where to see autumn wildlife

Where to see wildlife in the autumn

© Mark Hamblin/2020VISION

Autumn highlights

For many plants, insects and some mammals, autumn is a time of slowing down, of shutting down. It’s all about changing where and how you live in preparation for the great annual emergency: winter. For many birds it’s about arrivals and departures, some flying south  in pursuit of food and warmth, while others arrive from the Arctic for a mellower winter. The red deer decide that this is the moment to get dramatic about breeding, while all around them summer's lush greens become browns and oranges, punctuated with pops of red and purple berries.

Autumn woodlands


© Zsuzsanna Bird

Bird migration


David Tipling/2020VISION



Nick Upton

Winter wildlife


© Bob Coyle

Year round wildlife


Meathop Moss nature reserve, Cumbria Wildlife Trust