M4 road proposal


Gwent Levels Saved!

Chris Lawrence

Gwent Levels saved!

In 2019, plans to build a new motorway through the Gwent Levels were scrapped after significant campaigning. 

We are overjoyed that the proposed motorway will no longer threaten the rare wildlife Gwent Levels. Over the years, thousands of people across Wales and further afield have objected to this scheme, we would like to thank each and every one of them.

I attach very significant weight to the fact that the Project would have a substantial adverse impact on the Gwent Levels SSSIs and their reen network and wildlife, and on other species, and a permanent adverse impact on the historic landscape of the Gwent Levels. As a result, in my judgement the Project’s adverse impacts on the environment (taken together with its other disadvantages) outweigh its advantages.
Mark Drakeford, First Minister


Below you will find the evidence which led to this successful result.

Gwent Wildlife Trust (including Wildlife Trusts Wales)

Pace Transportation Ltd

Wentlooge Community Council

Llangattock Community Council

Marshfield Community Council

Light Rail Transport Association

Mr Andrew McDermid