State of Nature 2016

The State of Nature report reveals that one in 14 species in Wales is heading for extinction

Following the groundbreaking State of Nature: Wales report in 2013, leading experts from 50 wildlife and research organisations have pooled knowledge and expertise to present an even clearer picture of the status of Wales’ wildlife. The 2016 report reveals that:

  • 56% of species studied have declined across the UK over the last 50 years
  • In Wales, one in 14 species is heading for extinction
  • 57% of wild plants, 60% of butterflies and 40% of birds are in decline
  • More than one third of (known) marine vertebrate and plant life has diminished, with three quarters of marine invertebrates declining across the UK.

For the 2016 report, a new measure has been developed to assess the health of our natural environment. A score of 90% or lower is thought to be the threshold at which our ecosystems can no longer function to meet our, or nature’s needs. Of all 218 countries assessed, Wales' score is just under 83% and in the bottom quarter in terms of the state of our natural ecosystems. This is slightly better than Scotland (81.3%), England (80.6%) and Northern Ireland (80%), but well behind other European nations such as Germany (88.3%) and Norway (95.3%).

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You can download all UK nation reports here.

Watch this amazing speech by Iolo Williams at the Senedd for the launch of the State of Nature Report 2013 for why we are ALL responsible for action to help save our rapidly diminishing wildlife here in Wales.