Living Seas

Lying where warm waters from the south meet cool nutrient rich currents from the north, the sea around Wales is special in many ways.

The Welsh territorial sea almost doubles the size of Wales. Covering 15,000km2, it is home to a vast array of habitats and species, supporting internationally important populations of species including Manx shearwaters, Atlantic grey seals, and bottlenose dolphins.

The marine environment is our life support system; releasing oxygen for us to breathe and regulating our climate. It also provides us with many everyday resources, including oil and gas for energy, seafood, sand and gravel to construct roads and buildings, and the opportunity to transport goods around the world.

But the UK’s seas are not Living Seas. Decades of neglect have left them damaged and degraded, a shadow of their former diversity and abundance. We urgently need your help to bring them back to life. The next five years are critical. It is literally ‘make or break’ time. With new laws and Government commitments in the offing, we have a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. If we make the very best of that opportunity, pushing every step of the way, our seas will turn the corner and start to recover their health. If we do not, they will continue on their downward spiral.