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Many of us love a nostalgic look back at the Wind in the Willows, and as Mole says “Spring days – our favourite.” Except sadly, if Kenneth Grahame was writing this classic tale today, he would struggle to paint the same picture of an idyllic landscape without a dirty river or screaming motorway slicing and dicing up the places where Ratty, Toad, Mole and Badger live. And the damage doesn’t stop there. Our seas are so overfished, Puffin could soon become confined as a fictional character.

Sadly, since we first met Badger, Ratty (a water vole) and friends in 1908, Wales alongside the rest of the UK, has become one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. From rivers and woodlands, to birds and flowers, our natural world is struggling. Over half the species assessed in the State of Nature report have suffered since the 1970s, with many of our much-loved animals struggling.

We have re-imagined Wind in the Willows in 2019 to shed some light on the problems facing our wildlife - watch our favourite characters as the search for a new home


Just some of the declines we have seen in recent years include:
• 66% decline in the number of barn owls since the 1930s
• 95% decline in the number of basking shark in UK waters since 1950s
• 40% decline in the number of Atlantic salmon since the 1970s
• 90% decline in the number of common frogs since the 1980s
• 70% decline in toads since the 1990's
• 90% decline in the number of water voles since the 1990s.

Today’s picture is like this because our systems and laws that should be keeping nature healthy are failing – both for wildlife and people.

We need to put nature into recovery and we need to do it now. Join our campaign for a Wilder Future and receive simple actions you can take for natures recovery.

The Welsh Government is currently drafting the content of a new Countryside Bill. This is why it is crucial that we all join together now to write the next chapter for wildlife. But this time it is no fairy-tale story!

What can the Welsh Government do? 

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What can the you do?

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Choose to create a #WilderFuture

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Walk in their pawprints
In our trailer, you see how our wild places have become disconnected. Take a moment or two to imagine what Badger and his friends might need to survive in your neighbourhood. You might want to consider the following things:

  1. If you were a hedgehog and needed miles to roam to feed at night, could you get through the fences in your area?
  2. If you were a toad are there any ponds nearby to lay eggs in?
  3. Are there trees and woods near you for badgers to build setts in?
  4. If you were a water vole like Ratty, could you burrow into the banks of the river near you?
  5. If you were a mole could you get up out of the soil or has someone paved or astro-turfed the areas of grass near you?

What obstacles are most common where you live?  Chick here to tell us - and we will tell Government

Speak up for Badger 

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