Inspiring People

People make a difference to wildlife and wildlife makes a difference to people.


There is evidence to show that by regularly experiencing nature, people can live happier, healthier lives. So part of our work is to let people of all ages be inspired by our wealth of wildlife here in Radnorshire.
 Every Child Wild

Children are happier, healthier and more creative when they are connected to the natural world. The Wildlife Trusts want every child to have access to wild experiences.

Children's freedom to roam and time spent outdoors has shrunk and with it their opportunities to discover wildlife. In a bid to ensure every child in the UK has a chance to enjoy regular contact with nature, the Wildlife Trusts are working with parents, teachers, individuals and organisiations to share their ideas on what needs to happen to put the wild back into childhood and make every child wild. Find out more.



WildPlay creates playful opportunities for children to explore nature outdoors.

Suzie Fraser works closely with WildPlay inspiring children of all ages with the wonders of exploring, playing in and learning about the great outdoors and the wildlife found there.

Suzie is also involved with the Outdoor Learning Wales Group which has been set up in the Radnorshire and Mid Wales area to create outdoor classrooms.