Pitch For Nature

In Wales, the natural environment is big business – generating goods and services worth £8.8 billion to Wales each year and 9% of Welsh GDP.

Biodiversity makes a significant contribution to economic and social prosperity in Wales. Wildlife-based activity generates £1.9 billion in revenue, equivalent to 2.9% of Wales’s national output and 3% of employment.

A healthy, attractive environment entices business and retains people and jobs in Wales. It can increase property values by up to 37% and attract inward investment. The health of the natural environment, and the goods and services it supplies, is fundamental to the prosperity of the Welsh economy. The natural environment provides raw materials for industry and agriculture as well as supporting tourism and recreation industries in Wales. Natural processes such as climate regulation and crop pollination support a healthy economy.



Therefore, the economy and environment cannot be viewed separately, but must be considered as dependent and interlinked elements of sustainable development. Living Landscapes promotes the environment as an economic driver and is crucial to ensuing Wales’s future economic prosperity. Investing in Living Landscapes delivers real and significant returns, helping to achieve a wide range of local and national objectives. Investing in Living Landscapes is an investment in the future of Wales.