Andy at Gwent Wildlife Trust's Pentwyn Farm

It’s often easy to forget that most nature reserves, although they might look wild, actually need management.

While the wildlife grabs the headlines, behind the scenes there is a small team of staff and volunteers who make sure rare and endangered habitats survive so that wildlife can thrive.

Players of People's Postcode Lottery help fund this ‘behind the scenes’ work in Gwent by supporting the Trust’s Reserves Officer, Andy Beadsworth.

Andy works with staff and volunteer groups to ensure that some of Gwent Trust’s 30 nature reserves are managed to the highest possible standards for their wildlife and their enjoyment by the public.

One of the more unusual aspects of the Reserve Officer's work is responsibility for breeding flocks of traditional Hebridean and Hill Radnor sheep as part of their conservation grazing management project for their grasslands reserves.

Without People's Postcode Lottery funding the Trust would struggle to keep its reserves open to the public and in such excellent condition.