Vaccinate badgers - don't cull them

Badger vaccination is working here in Wales!

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales (WTSWW) has now completed two years of a five year vaccination programme at its Castle Woods nature reserve near Llandeilo. This vaccination project has been supported by the Welsh Government’s Badger Vaccination Grant.

In 2014, trapping in June resulted in the vaccination of 34 individuals, including 29 cubs. In 2015, trapping in July resulted in the vaccination of 27 individuals, including 23 cubs. WTSWW has estimated that the cost of this work is about £19 per head of cattle protected, per year, based on the area of land used by the vaccinated badgers and basing the cattle stocking density across that area on the average for England and Wales.

However, we still need your help to change UK Government policy. Here's our guide to how you can make a difference.

Here's an infographic explaining why badger vaccination – not culling – should be central to the Government's strategy to control bovine TB. Download a copy below - ideal for emailing to your local MP!

Click here to view references for the statistics used in this infographic.





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