Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem

Gagea lutea

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This golden yellow star-like flower is found growing in woodland on basic soils.  Though rare, it can be very abundant where it does occur.    

How to identify

8-25cm tall, arising from a single bulb, with a single basal leaf 15-40mm long by 5-12mm wide with a hooded tip that has 3-5 ridges on the back. The flowers are golden yellow, star-like when fresh and fading to pale yellow.

Where to find it

In woodland, on basic soils, from central southern England through to central Scotland. It is abscent from SE and SW England, Wales, N Scotland and Ireland.


When to find it

  • March
  • April

How can people help

Keep an eye out in early spring for the striking yellow flowers. They can be lost amongst the lesser cellandine and, as a result, this plant is under recorded. If you are lucky enough to find a plant please report it to your local Biological Records Centre and Wildlife Trust.

Species information

Common name
Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem
Latin name
Gagea lutea
8-25cm tall arising from a single bulb