Round-leaved fluellen

Kickxia spuria

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An annual of cultivated or disturbed ground found on light calcareous soils in the south of England.

How to identify

Creeping stickily-hairy with rounded leaves on trailing stems. Yellow flowers with purple upper lip, springing from axil of leaf and stem.

Where to find it

Locally common in south and east Englnd but scarce or absent elsewhere.


When to find it

  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October

How can people help

The distribution of round-leaved fluellen has been reduced by the impact of herbicides. The Wildlife Trusts work with farmers across the UK to help reduce the impact of modern farming methods on wildlife and native arable plants. By joining your local Wildlife Trust you'll help them to continue this work.

Species information

Common name
Round-leaved fluellen
Latin name
Kickxia spuria
Flowers 7mm -- 9mm long