Pepper Saxifrage

Silaum silaus

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A member of the carrot family, Pepper saxifrage is found in a range of unimproved grasslands from hay meadows to undisturbed roadside verges but generally prefers damper soils. It's presence is a good indicator of agriculturally unimproved meadows

How to identify

A medium to tall umbellifer with clusters of fine, cream or yellow coloured flowers. Between 2-4 pinnate shaped leaves, small and branched.

Where to find it

Widespread in England, particularly in the south and east of the country. Present in south of Scotland and eastern Wales.


When to find it

  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September

How can people help

Pepper saxifrage is a component of old unimproved hay meadows, fast declining through agricultural improvement, diffuse pollution and fragmentation. By being a member of your local Wildlife Trust you can help us protect our existing nature reserves, purchase new sites and advise landowners on how to sympathetically manage their hay meadows.

Species information

Common name
Pepper Saxifrage
Latin name
Silaum silaus
The umbels grow to 60cm across