Arum maculatum

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An early flowering plant, Lords-and-ladies can be seen in April and May. They are shade-loving plants of woodlands and hedgerows and are particularly distinctive with a pale green sheath surrounding a purple or yellow 'spadix' (a spike of tiny flowers on a fleshy stem). This spadix eventually produces an upright stalk of bright red berries that is conspicuous amongst the leaf litter.

How to identify

Lords-and-ladies has large, arrow-shaped leaves and leaf-like flower heads that curl around a long inner spike.

Where to find it

Grows everywhere in the UK, but less common in the north of Scotland.


When to find it

  • April
  • May

How can people help

The Wildlife Trusts manage many nature reserves for the benefit of all kinds of wildlife, including many different species of plants. But these precious sites are under threat from development, intensive agricultural practices and climate change. You can help by supporting your local Trust and becoming a member; you'll find out about exciting wildlife happenings, events on your doorstep and volunteering opportunities, and be helping local wildlife along the way.

Species information

Common name
Latin name
Arum maculatum
Height: up to 50cm
Conservation status