Flowering Rush

Butomus umbellatus

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An attractive and striking perennial plant of shallow water and wetland margins.

How to identify

A tall rush-like plant, in or near water, it has a clustered flower head with distinctive, bright pink petals, sometimes in large stands.

Where to find it

Widespread throughout the UK and Ireland, but often patchily due to its requirements for shallow freshwater habitats. Most common in southern England.

When to find it

  • July
  • August

How can people help

Many wetland habitats have disappeared through past land drainage and conversion to agriculture. Over abstraction, inappropriate management and diffuse pollution are still problems affecting our watercourses and wetlands. Supporting the Wildlife Trusts allows us to protect many of our best wetland sites and act as advocates for better management of wetlands in the wider countryside.

Species information

Common name
Flowering Rush
Latin name
Butomus umbellatus
Up to 1m tall with three petals per flower.