Veronica beccabunga

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As the name suggests, Brooklime is a fleshy, succulent herb which grows in the wet margins of streams and ditches, and also in very damp soil. It is in bloom between May and September, producing spikes of bright blue flowers, but its leaves can persist all year-round. It is an ideal plant for wildlife pond margins as it is easy to control and provides cover for tadpoles and even sticklebacks.

How to identify

Brooklime has large, rounded leaves and thick, juicy stems that are both creeping and upright. Its blue flowers are borne on the stems in pairs and are very small; they can sometimes be pink.

Where to find it


When to find it

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How can people help

Human activity, including the drainage of land for agriculture and development, has resulted in the disappearance of many of the UK's wetlands. The Wildlife Trusts are working closely with planners, developers and farmers to ensure our wetlands are protected. You can help too: add native plants and flowers, such as Brooklime, to a wildlife-friendly pond and its margins, and provide shelter for amphibians and nectar for insects. In partnership with the RHS, The Wildlife Trusts' Wild About Gardens initiative can help you plan your wildlife garden.

Species information

Common name
Latin name
Veronica beccabunga
Height: up to 30cm
Conservation status