Bladder Campion

Silene vulgaris

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Bladder Campion is a common wildflower found growing in meadows and grasslands, fields, hedgerows and roadside verges around the UK. It gets its common name from the bladder-like calyx (a bulge make up of the fused sepals) just behind the flowers; it is in bloom from May to September.

How to identify

Bladder Campion has large, balloon-shaped swellings behind its white, five-petalled flowers.

Where to find it

Found throughout the UK, but most common in England.


When to find it

  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September

How can people help

The Wildlife Trusts manage many grassland habitats for the benefit of wildlife - careful grazing with traditional breeds and scrub clearance are just a couple of the ways we ensure a balance of plants and cover in these fragile habitats. By volunteering for your local Trust you can help too, and you'll make new friends and learn new skills along the way.

Species information

Common name
Bladder Campion
Latin name
Silene vulgaris
Height: up to 80cm
Conservation status