Our team

Wildlife Trusts Wales works for the five Wildlife Trusts across Wales that employee approxiamatley 100 people and benifit from over 2,000 volunteers. For each Trust team please see...

North Wales Wildlife Trust

Montogomeryshire Wildlife Trust 

Radnorshre Wildlife Trust

Gwent Wildlife Trust

Wildlife Trusts of South and West Wales 

Chief Executive Officer
Rachel Sharp

Living Landscapes Manager
James Byrne

Beaver Re-Introduction Officer
Alicia Dyke

Office Manager
Yvonne Pillinger

Board of Trustees
Rob Pickford - Chair
Chris Ledbury - Radnorshire Wildlife Trust
Roger Thomas – North Wales Wildlife Trust
Tim McVey – Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust
Rob Waller – Gwent Wildlife Trust
Patience Thody – The Wildlife Trusts