£25,000 needed to reverse the impacts of storms on Skomer and Skokholm

Thursday 2nd November 2017

Skoholm Island during Storm OpheliaSkoholm Island during Storm Ophelia

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales need your help now to raise £25,000 to reverse the impacts of these unforgiving storms.

We need your help to monitor the impact on wildlife as well as to repair the damage and storm proof the islands for the future.

Storms Ophelia and Brian have wreaked havoc on The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales’ Pembrokeshire Islands; Skomer and Skokholm.

The majority of the islands’ seal pups have fallen victims of these storms.
Skomer Island is an important breeding site for the Atlantic Grey Seal.

The island staff monitor the seal population throughout the year.

Natural events like this can have a profound impact and our monitoring is important in understanding the effects on the population.

Skomer and Skokholm Islands are internationally significant wildlife and heritage sites, home to many important species including over half of the world’s population of Manx Shearwater and the beautiful Puffin.

It is vital that we protect these truly wild places so that wildlife can thrive for generations to come.

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