Remember, remember (the hedgehogs on) the fifth of November...

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Photo by Tom Marshall

Wildlife Trusts Wales is asking the public to look out for hedgehogs before lighting their bonfires on the fifth of November…

As the weather starts to turn cold and wet, hedgehogs will start to look for places to hibernate and unlit bonfires can be a popular place. So if you’re celebrating Bonfire Night, please follow our guidelines when building a bonfire:

• Build the bonfire as close as possible to Bonfire Night itself so that there’s less chance of a hedgehog moving in
• Make the pile of material next to the bonfire site and re-build the stack before lighting it
• Search the bonfire for hibernating creatures using a torch and rake before starting the fire
• If you find any hedgehogs, move them to a ready-made hedgehog box somewhere dry and safe and away from the fire
• Before Bonfire Night, make an alternative home by raking up grass cuttings or autumn leaves into a pile a safe distance from the pile; hopefully sleepy ‘hogs will choose to sleep there instead of in the unlit bonfire.

If you find an injured hedgehog you can find some useful contact numbers here.