Projects like Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust's Pumlumon Project could help flooding

Friday 11th December 2015

Flooding- Scott Petrek

With the recently flooding, projects like Living Landscapes in Pumlumon are becoming even more important.

Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust highlighted the need for more nature solutions to flood control when the 2014 flood swept the country. With the recent flooding in Cumbria and Lancashire, programmes like the Pumlumon project might become even more important.

The Pumlumon Living Landscape's aim is to store 41.9 billion litres of water by appropriately managing 3,730 hectares of land.

Clive Faulkner of the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust, says:

"Vegetation acts as a sponge, soaking up water, storing it for dry periods and realising it gradually. This can reduce the height, effects and ultimately the cost of floodwater. Sustainable land management practices can increase the water retention capacity of the environment, alleviating the effects of both droughts and floods."

Wildlife Trusts Wales is certain that conserving nature and restoring ecosystems will reduce vulnerability and increase its resilience. Nature conservation and restoration is a major, cost- efficient ally in our fight against the effects of climate change. We estimate that it would cost in the region of 313 million to restore all the major upland bogs habitats in Wales. This would have a positive impact on almost every river that flooded Wales last year.

With this in mind and with flooding becoming increasing common in certain areas, natural defences may be the way to go.