Winter's Child teaches kids about the wonders of wildlife

Thursday 10th December 2015

Photo by Adam Cormack

North Wales Wildlife Trust has launched a new campaign to teach local children about the wonders of wildlife – even in winter!

Winter’s Child runs until March and hopes to help families enjoy the coastline and its surrounding areas in north Wales with a range of activities and events available.

December is mollusc month. These are usually found in the form of shells all around the coast and each different one is a different marine animal with different adaptations to life in the sea. Activities include making Christmas decorations and presents, creating a nature journal, making your own sand, camouflaging a cuttlefish and trying to find the biggest limpet shell in North Wales.

The campaign is supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery who help to support the six Wildlife Trusts across Wales to deliver educational opportunities and events for local communities and schools, as well as maintaining nature reserves across the country.

The charity lottery has recently marked 10 years since its first ever draw. The last 10 years have created thousands of lucky winners but also have provided vital funding from numerous charities across Great Britain and internationally. With 27.5% awarded to charities from every £2 ticket, its players have raised more than £95.3 million.

Frances Cattanach, Director for North Wales Wildlife Trust, said:

“The continuing generosity from players of People’s Postcode Lottery has really helped us protect marine wildlife here in north Wales. The support helps to inspire communities to enjoy the nature found on their local beach and there are a number of health and social benefits which result from spending time in nature.”

North Wales Wildlife Trust is asking families to tell them about how they enjoy their local beach and want to know all about their adventures. Families can share their stories on the Facebook page  and Twitter (@north_wales_wt). 

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