Wildlife Trust Wales welcomes metro proposals

Tuesday 30th June 2015

Wildlife Trust Wales welcomes the proposals for the South Wales metro.

James Byrne, Wildlife Trusts Wales, Living Landscapes Manager and member of the Climate Change Commission for Wales said:

“This is a great announcement. We have frequently called on the Government to seek more sustainable transport solutions in order to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels to help avoid dangerous climate change. This will help protect our most precious places for people and wildlife.

With this proposal the Welsh Government has indicated it is serious about tackling the causes of climate change. Wales can now go to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris and highlight practical action to inspire the world.”

Recently, the Welsh Government passed ground-breaking legislation on sustainable development, known as the Well-Being of Future Generations Act, which requires all public bodies to embed climate change into their decision making. Further legislation, the Environment (Wales) Bill will ensure that there is a clear pathway for climate change action that will guide investment and future delivery.

Rachel Sharp, CEO of Wildlife Trusts Wales, said:

“With this proposal, the Welsh Government is showing that it is truly committed to promoting sustainable living for future generations by looking at better, more innovative, solutions to congestion. We will continue to urge the Government to fund sustainable transport options rather than locking us into carbon intensive activities and infrastructure.”

The M4 relief road will increase carbon emissions say experts at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change. Read the report below.


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