Additional funding to benefit rare wildlife species

Tuesday 30th June 2015

Photo by Emyr Evans

Funding from Welsh Government means that work to protect two iconic wildlife species can continue for another eighteen months.

Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant has extended management grant funding for thirty one projects, including two that protect red squirrels and ospreys and are managed by the Wildlife Trusts in Wales.

The Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership (MWRSP) was established in 2002 and aims to expand and protect the unique population of red squirrels in the Tywi Forest area of mid Wales; one of only three significant red squirrel populations in the whole of Wales. This is a remnant population of red squirrels, which was once common and widespread native UK species, butis now under threat.

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales employs a project officer to help protect red squirrels in mid Wales thanks to funding from the Welsh Government through Environment Wales, The Co-operative’s carrier bag levy and a number of private donations and other grant funds.

Environment Wales is a partnership initiative comprising core partners from the third sector. It is funded by the Welsh Government to support sustainable development through encouraging and enabling voluntary action on the environment.

The additional funding will also support a Volunteer Development Officer at Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust whose Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve is home to the magnificent Osprey which bred there for the first time in 2011. Once close to extinction, this iconic bird of prey is now breeding in Wales for the first time in several centuries.

Wildlife Trusts Wales is one of the original core partners of Environment Wales and employs a Development Officer, Alison Colebrook, who supports more than 60 projects. She said:
“It’s wonderful news that these projects can continue to protect these beautiful creatures and help local communities to engage with their natural environment. Environment Wales and Wildlife Trusts Wales is very grateful to the Minister for supporting these initiatives.”

The funding for these Environment Wales registered projects is extended until the end of March 2017.