Natural Health Service

The Wildlife Trusts run a range of projects across the country designed to use nature to help improve physical and mental health and contribute to a sense of well-being.

Being disconnected from nature is characteristic of an unhealthy lifestyle. In an increasingly urban society, we are becoming more remote from the natural environment, and as a consequence, are suffering from increased mental illnesses and obesity problems.

The cost of physical inactivity to Wales is estimated at about £650 million per year and at least one in four people will develop a mental illness at some point in their lifetime.

Spending time in nature provides protection against diseases, such as diabetes, depression, obesity, heart disease and cancer. It can also help to alleviate the symptoms of asthma, headaches, ADHD and stress.

Research shows that people with easy access to nature are more able to cope with stressful life events and are generally less stressed individuals than those living in urban habitats lacking green spaces. Studies have also shown that time spent in forests, by rivers, in moorland, on mountains and on seashores improve our self-esteem and mood.

At the Wildlife Trusts, we encourage people to spend time in nature to become healthier the natural way. 

Read our bilingual Prescribing Green Space fact sheet for some key points on the health benefits of green space, and our publications on health and wellbeing benefits for more detail.


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