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Across Europe, including here in the UK, vital laws protect our most precious wildlife and wild places.

It's not just wildlife that depend on these - we do too, for cleaner rivers, vital habitat for pollinating insects and natural places we can enjoy and spend time in. Without these laws our world is a poorer place.

Right now the European Commission (EC) is reviewing these laws - the 'Nature Directives' - and asking people to give their opinion on them. It's vital that as many of us as possible say that we feel strongly about this and don't want to see these laws weakened. Please respond by completing The Wildlife Trusts e-action.

Across Europe all countries share two main nature laws - the Habitats Directive, adopted in 1992 which protects a range of important habitats and species, and the Birds Directive, which aims to protect all European wild birds. There is also a network of protected wild places - called Natura2000 - stetching across Europe. In the UK more than 800 places are part of this network including the New Forest, Chesil Beach in Dorset, Isles of Scilly, the River Tweed, the South Pennine Moors, Ashdown Forest – home of Winnie the Pooh, the North Antrim Coast, Ben Nevis, the Cairngorms, the Brecon Beacons and the Severn Estuary. These places need all the protection they can get.

How can you add your support?

The European Commission is asking for the opinion of people across Europe through an online consultation - so you can make your voice heard. The Wildlife Trusts are joining 100 other charities and environmental organisations across Europe to provide suggested responses to the consultation (which consists of 14 questions) in support of the Nature Directives. This is to help send a clear and consistent message to the European Commission that people feel strongly about this, wherever they live.

100 voluntary organisations across the UK have joined forces to call for the protection of Europe’s natural environment

"The EU Habitats and Birds Directives is the legislation that protects our best and most precious sites and our most endangered and iconic species. We must ensure that wildlife in Wales and the UK continues to be protected by these Directives”.

Wildlife Trusts Wales Chief Executive Rachel Sharp